I'm coming to the Adelaide Festival this weekend (and then on to Wellington, NZ!)


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I hope that you and Poesy are having a great time together on this trip. What a wonderful opportunity!


Just realised CJA will also be there. And it’s one 1.5 hours drive from here. But I can’t go because work. Couldn’t convince you guys to visit Palmerston North for an evening of drinks and a very international group of postgrad students? We have hills with windmills on them and a river gorge you can’t drive through! :joy:


We’re having an AMAZING time, thanks!


Sorry, Katja! There’s a ton of press, etc around the edges of the listed presentations that anchor me very firmly to Adelaide.


I got a bit excited and forgot to specify that I’m in New Zealand. Either way, Wellington is too cool for a detour to Palmy to be justified. :grin:


I can’t believe I missed you! Like the ONE week I didn’t check in on BB.
I hope your turn out was great!


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