Hey, Australia and New Zealand, I'm coming to visit you!


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Top-hole! Just booked for the wheeler centre


Super excited!!! So glad you’re visiting again!


Well, this calls for opening the good jar of vegemite.


I bet the Kiwis are annoyed nobody ever says “New Zealand and Australia.”


The Sydney event looks like it is open only to Uni Students and Staff. Any chance of doing something open to the general public?


Start plugging the idea that alphabetical order goes backwards in the southern hemisphere.


Wellington event in partnership with the Garage Project Brewery. You should try their ant beer.


Pretty sure who comes first in a duo is generally just down to whatever rolls off the tongue best.


Exactly what an Australian would say.


wait wait wait… The country or the continent?


but doesn’t ones tongue roll in the other direction in Aus Zealand and Newstralia?



I had to look it up. The wheeler centre is part of the state library.


The continents of Zealandia and Australia


Its good both are wonderful places.


Kiwi here. More annoyed he’s not coming to Auckland.
Wellington is better though, i understand…


Hopefully you get a chance to visit some of the wineries around Adelaide, Rockfords is rocking :slight_smile:


Any brisbane dates?


We change planes in Auckland about 4 times, FWIW!