The 78th World Science Fiction Convention will be in Wellington, New Zealand

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Can’t wait to see what kind of Hobbit vs. Predator cosplay they come up with.


Will they even have enough rooms?

Still this will be awesome. Gonna be a hell of early planing to get there with flights from the US/CAN/EU

Maybe a group could book a cruise ship from Sydney to Wellington and have it stay there all week.

Hey, now. New Zealand might be a small country but Wellington is our capital city and I can assure you it has several rooms.

Maybe check with the prime minister first if you’re planning to bring friends, though. We might need to clear out the shed.


Rapa Nui fully booked as usual, then.

Will the shed have sheep? It’s cool there in August right?
I kid…I love NZ. And have recently finished up the Audiobook
In fact I was listening to that last night and this morning.

Which I recommend in audio format…just to have the accent and the Maori pronunciations wash over you…it’s a rather wonderfully rhythmic language.

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I have a spare room. Or there’s the couch.


I bet she answers her own phone. (g)

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Another reason to love NZ.
They recently prohibited “Billionaire Land Squatters” from buying up huge tracts of land in NZ as an escape pod to avoid the pitchforks when they screw up the rest of the world.


I just want to say as someone who had a baby 11 weeks ago, that our prime minister had a baby just 9 weeks ago! She’s back at work and I have another 10 months off. She’s a hard working kick-arse woman.


Does… does she know how nurdy we are?

I have heard rumors that the main road out of Wellington is built on the main geological fault in the area. So if the big one hits during the convention, it will have a distinctly distopian flavor. Perhaps somebody should invite Jerry Pournelle.

No, that isn’t true.

It’s built on one of the main faults in the area.

It’s ok though; the country only gets about 20,000 earthquakes a year, and you can’t even feel most of them.


Why yes she does.


Kia ora!
This will be awesome. All fingers and toes crossed I’ll be able to go.
Weather will be shit though.

Omg I just imagned WorldCon in a woolshed. It would be awesome!

It looks like they’ve moved over to a “real” site for the convention:

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He’s dead, so inviting him would serve no purpose unless the zombie apocalypse happens first.

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So just so you know we’re pretty tough on the imports of live animals, at a real minimum puppies require rabies shots

This is great – and I hope people will continue to vote for hosting it outside the US so long as so much of the world isn’t welcome here.