The difference between Australia and New Zealand


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Also, what’s a “Kiki”? :thinking:


It’s a kind of witchcraft-based courier service.


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the important thing is the one way in which they are exactly the same…

THEY ARE FAR TOO FAR AWAY FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD! Its like 28 hours on a damn plane. Sheesh. Move your islands closer dammit.


Hmm, I’m not convinced. Why don’t they just bow to public pressure and finally hook up?


One has very restrictive immigration policies. The other will sell citizenship to anyone.


All I know is the Kiwi’s who I met in London were extremely hospitable, let us crash at their place, and introduced me to the bar, The Church.


That’s it? Two sentences? Not even a paragraph. If there’s supposed to be a link somewhere, or an embedded video somebody forgot to do something.


First thing that came to mind;

In Australia, the environment actively kills people.

In the US, people actively kill the environment.

In the drag community, it’s this:


Sorrrrrry… obviously the superior boinger adds to a conversation (err…what’s the conversation?) of antipodean differences by pointing out the similarities. I’ll endevour (geddit?) to be more conversational in the future. I was just trying to point out that one country has its own tectonic plate, and a clumsy allusion to to New Zealanders being more touchy about being mistaken for Australians. But my posts were brief because it’s morning here and I’m busy preparing for work . Or according to the generally patronising posts on boing boing , I’ll be spending the rest of the waking day avoiding creatures that want to kill me.


Canadian who visited NZ about 25 years ago- saw Soundgarden at the Big Day Out.
Loved Georgie Pie- best after pub food
Steinlager was my weakness, but Lion Red was my nemesis
Kepler Track, Wanganui, Black Sand Beaches
Aussie- eats a Hem Sendwich
NZ- eats a Him Sindwich

I would love to go back.


It’s weird - most of the time when a foreigner does an Aussie accent, they fuck up half the vowels like that, like in Point Break, in which someone apparently thought nobody would know they used South Efricans.

There’s quite a range of accents here, from ABC News presenter to full yobbo ocker, but nobody here speaks like thet.


“Why don’t they just bow to public pressure and finally hook up?”
'cause New Zealand would be the party that takes it in the shorts.


Actually we like it over here. Its nice and quiet.


As an Aussie I regard Enzed as a convenient backup. Like an emergency country which I could start using if Tony Abbott got back in power again.