Now I Know: Why an episode of Peppa Pig is banned in Australia

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Australia, keeps telling the humans to go away but it never works.


Australians are very sensitive.


Since the Youtube videos aren’t matching up with the posts at the moment, my first thought was that this was going to be Peppa’s first experience with transgenderism or something.


How refreshing to see halfway-practical grounds for a change.


Yeah it seems pretty reasonable to say 'hey maybe Children’s shows in areas where spiders are murdermachines shouldn’t encourage children to be comfortable around spiders.".

That screencap is hilarious though.

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My guess was going to be that the story involved words that have different slang meanings in Australia.

“One day, while Peppa’s mum and dad were rooting about for truffles…”


How can you be so mean? We are not sensitive at all :sob::sob::sob:


Latin America : “Hold my beer”
In some Spanish speaking countries pepa (different spelling, same pronunciation) is rather vulgar slang for vagina.


Pedophiles around here are sometimes called rockspiders. Is this part of the joke? I can’t tell.

Oh come now. How bad can they




Gonna have to try harder than that.

Come to think of it, climate change will help


I went to school in Australia on a student exchange in undergrad. One morning an Australian friend was discussing waking up and finding a white tail spider in her room. Despite this, she didn’t think Australia was particularly more dangerous than Canada because Canada has bears.

My argument was that unless you live in a rural area with very shoddy construction standards, you never have to worry about waking up to find a bear in your room, but she was insistent. Canada was more dangerous than Australia because bears.


“Australian Broadcasting Company”: Not. It is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Australia’s national public broadcaster funded by the federal government.

May also be of interest:

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More Australians have been killed by horses in recent years than all the country’s venomous creatures put together, a new study by Melbourne University researchers has found.

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I’ll bet the horses didn’t go bad until they arrived in Australia.


An Australian realisation that the arrogance and insular ignorance of Americans made them very gullible is at the root of the meme of Australia having the most dangerous fauna (and flora).

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That looks like a Nephila sp. But that dangerous, to most larger critters. I doubt they really caught the bird - but THEN, hey, in that particular group, the highest ever stability for spiderwebs was measured, AFAIR.

People never seem very concerned about what animals kill to eat until/unless it kills humans. That is not very principled.

I thought everything in Australia was venomous-- spiders, snakes, octopi, those goddamned cute koala bears. . . .

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