Police: screams of "Why don't you die?" and a crying toddler weren't what they seemed


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I understand the distress If Australian spiders can spook Steve Irwin in his prime.




Given it was Australia spiders I hope the cop helped as I’m sure the spider was fucking scary as fuck.




More obligs:


One of my favorite movies of all time.


You can just tread on a spider (wearing shoes). If you don’t want to make a mess then use a bug catcher and let it go outside. Its really not a big deal. Not sure what all the yelling was about.


Sheriff Lloyd Parsons: [introducing Delbert to Doctor Atherton] Excuse me. Professor? This is our town exterminator.

Delbert McClintock: Delbert McClintock, infestation management. Always nice to meet a collegue.

Sheriff Lloyd Parsons: Now, he believes he came across one of the offending spiders a couple of hours ago.

Doctor James Atherton: Might you have brought it with you?

Delbert McClintock: Actually, he’s probably still at the bottom of my shoe. You really can’t tell what it is anymore.


Love, love, love it, spider being dispatched by a “Cat”! :joy:




That was my first thought: if this is in Australia, odds are there was mortal danger and a seriously hefty arachnid in play.


Yikes, that’s a redback. All screaming totally justified.

Once, as a very small child in Queensland, I went sort of vaguely near the fence to the vacant house next door. The outback had thoroughly reclaimed their garden - there was even a puffball growing there that was bigger than my Dad.

Anyway, I think I was reaching for a plant leaning over the fence or something, when suddenly there was a shrill sound and my tiny world was filled with action.

Mum was standing on the steps up to the house screaming at me, and Dad turned from his gardening and lurched to his feet in a kind of bionic slow-mo. The next thing I knew, I was airborne in my father’s arms, being carried into the house, with my weeping mother hovering alongside telling me over and over that I must NEVER go into the neighbour’s yard.

“There are redbacks in there!”

So that’s the reaction to the mere possibility that your child might be anywhere near potential redbacks. If there’s one in the confined space of your house, with your child… Well, I imagine he was yelling “Why don’t you die?” because its squashed corpse was sticking to the newspaper he was beating it with, and appearing to jump. I may or may not have worked myself into arachnophobic hysteria whaling on a housespider in a similar manner once.


I started typing “deadly australian” and “spiders” was the second autofill:


o.0 What was the FIRST one?


A passerby in Perth, Western Australia heard a man inside a home yelling “Why don’t you die?” amidst a toddler’s screams. The concerned neighbor called the police who responded with haste.

Good thing they were in Australia. This would likely have ended badly in the US.


Am Australian. Can confirm our spiders are terrifying.
Once as a child, I saw what I think was a huntsman that appeared to some kind of mutation where it has no ‘fur’ (?) and was the colour of pale flesh. I’ll never forget it, it was dark and they scurried away across the deck and under the house.
I have spent long periods of my adult life living abroad and am pretty sure it was to get away from that spider.


Lol, the autofill list was as follows: