Watch: Angry kangaroo punches paraglider as soon as he lands


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He’s lucky it was just a Gray Kangaroo. Their larger red cousins are freaking terrifying.



Yeah, it’s not like in the cartoons where a kangaroo would make an unrealistic jump and hit a paraglider when they’re in mid-air.

In real life, paragliders have to wait longer to get hit by kangaroos when they’re much closer to the ground.

A lot of people have unrealistic expectations when they sign up for getting hit by a kangaroo.


Roger the Bucket Crusher (RIP) was a big fella also…

I wouldn’t want to drop in on him unannounced.


He called it skip…does that mean he personally knows it? is there some bad blood thing going on here?


Well - he was coming right at him. He’s lucky it wasn’t armed.


WTF… that’s real?!?!


My question also!



I once got hassled by a male roo for treats when I was feeding a group of females. He was of a not dissimilar build.

IIRC, I dropped the bag of snacks at his feet and legged it.


Probably thought he was fending off an alien invasion.



that’s a Bojack character waiting to be


I don’t blame you; that animal pictured is more buff than all the dudes I know who ‘lift’, combined.



If I was a kangaroo, and the biggest, weirdest looking thing I’d ever seen floated down from the sky into my territory, my first reaction would probably be to punch it in the bonch, too, before it ate me.

Red kangaroos can be BUFF.



From a quick google query, most of those pics were of a specific roo, Roger.

Still, the fact that they are even capable of getting so massive is straight up nightmare fuel.


oh ok, so it’s the kangaroo equivalent of “we all look the same to you”.


I guess Roos are dicks.


Let this be your daily reminder that EVERYTHING IN AUSTRALIA IS TRYING TO KILL YOU.