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Alas, this is what comes to mind when I hear the term ‘Flash Forward’:

So, yeah, I wouldn’t have thought of IUDs as being biohacking, and I think they’re on the nose here: “biohacking” being something that was invented after you were born.

I guess if an IUD is biohacking (and it is), I guess that means that pacemakers are, too. I used to work with a woman who had one; I don’t know if it was the dual-chamber or single-chamber one, but it had a built-in defib. She had gone out for lunch one day, came back looking a bit dazed and saying she had blacked out at KFC, then went to the VA. They dumped the data on the pacemaker and found that her heart had stopped for eight seconds. That whole story was shocking to me, but later it hit me that, holy shit, I live in the future.

Also, pop filter.

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I know KFC isn’t exactly “heart healthy” but that’s ridiculous!

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