I'm going out on tour with my new science fiction book RADICALIZED and I hope to see you!

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Two dates in Vancouver, WA, but no Powell’s in Portland? I mean, you’re doing the heavy lifting of coming nearby, and I’m grateful for that, just surprised that you’re not hitting Powell’s whilst in (near) town!


I wish I could! Long story!

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Drat! We’re coming back to Portland one day after you’re in Vancouver.

Having never attended a book tour, I’m not sure what to expect. What will happen if I show up?

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Sorta weird the post is tagged Portland but you aren’t coming to Portland :upside_down_face:
I’ll be in SF that Tuesday, wish I could make it to Vancouver.
Super excited to read Radicalized!


Not much Canada in there…I know it’s the centre of the universe, but what about the West Coast?

Raise your hand if you’re here because Facebook and Instagram are down.


One of these days it would be awesome to get you at Aunties in Spokane, which is just a short jaunt over the mountains from Seattle. It’s a great store, and I’m sure we could get a good crowd out for you!

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Aw man, no Denver?

We’d absolutely love to have you at the Cherry Hill Public Library if you make it over to the East Coast.

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