See you tonight at Powell's, Portland! (then Seattle, Bellingham, Vancouver...) (!)

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Crumbs. I was hoping this would be in the Beaverton Powell’s.

Roger that. Might still try to make it down.

Sweet, I’ll see you in Seattle! We’ve got some wind and questionable rain waiting.

This will be the first physical book I’ve obtained in a while. Memento, or future subversive propaganda?

Oxford, not Cambridge. From the walkabout site:

Talking of which, the link in your post says it is at 18:15 -19:45, but the Blackwell’s site and tickets say it is at 19:00 – 20:00. Can you tell us which is correct?

I bought tickets, I still don’t know if I will be able to get there, but I would like to try.

Argh! Right you are! Oxford!

Not sure about timing – I’ll ask the publisher to reconcile.

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Sorry to have missed this! Dammit! I’ve been surprisingly busy this whole past afternoon.

Really?? $26 to see you in Vancouver but it’s completely free in Portland? WTF?

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