Imaginary dream computer from 1984

FM transmitter? My ZX80 (no, not ZX81) had that… the processor speed was so slow that you could get audio-frequency tones with a tight BASIC loop. Just put the unshielded computer near the FM radio antenna.

Given that audio tape cassettes were state of the art persistent storage, it really is surprising I never heard of people broadcasting data over Mr. Microphone.

Do you remember the actual Dream computer from the late 1970s? It was an 8 bit system (6502? not sure) with chunky graphics and character maps in software. It could display about four lines of text.

They’re spoofing this, a retrocomputing build that David Murray is working on. It’s still far from hardware status. Although Bil Herd, of C128 fame, is apparently signed on to help with the hardware and board layout.

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It’s was the “Age of the Dinosaur Home Computers”. Evolution smirks at “standards”. :slight_smile:


Is there a transcript or description? I can’t see it in Alaska, because the video uploader has not made it available in my country.

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