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Just noticed the other day that the IMDB forums closed. Not shocked. They were infested with the trolls that have infested any forum not carefully managed. I would love a place to have a collection of threads for a film, or at least a thread per film. Thoughts on a home here for something of that nature?


We usually use #dizzy for this but I wouldn’t mind seeing a more dedicated category for topics of this nature (film, TV, music).


we do have the general film thread


Right, but like I say. If I watch a movie and want to talk just about that film, I have to search that thread and hope others do the same.


Yeah then a new topic in dizzy then if you want more in depth on a specific film.


But then the need to sort through dizzy for what is new in filmy chat.

Not just that, but a category to encourage threads on specific films. I dunno, maybe this is a bad idea, you guys tell me.


That’s not my experience with IMDB. The trolls were mostly involved with current popular media, and hardly ever bothered with classic, art, or non-English media - which comprises MOST OF the database, even if it isn’t as prominent in its profile.

Nearly all of my use of IMDB was for the forums, so I hardly use their site anymore.

Most people aren’t trolls, so it’s depressing to see people give up ground to them everywhere. Our response to them can nurture/kill discourse at least as much what the trolls do. Anger about this feels perilously close to victim-blaming, but what can one say when most of the reasonable people let barbarian hordes take over simply because “I shouldn’t have to deal with that sort of thing”? If people aren’t willing to participate and defend the s/n ratio of speech, there won’t be any. What matters and what we can control is what we do, not simply complaining and conceding to endless floods of bad actors.


The thread per film format might get frustrating with the thirty day lock out rule; that is the advantage of a general discussion thread.

This isn’t to shoot the idea down, but you’d have to work with TPTB to get a category exempted.


Amazon has a film discussion board; I’ve lurked there once in awhile, and it seems okay so far, but you never know; like everywhere else, entropy grinds away



“Filmboards” @


You could institute a tagging system in the filmy chat thread so you can search by movie


True enough I suppose. I mostly felt the need to delve into the forums for other opinions after seeing a movie in theaters.

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Since most theatres don’t show movies that I want to see, the current popular media I discussed on there was television, even though I don’t watch a lot of it. There were trolls, but I think that we usually dealt with them well. Series which get into political, religious, or other social themes were often filthy with them. There was a pretty vigorous back-and-forth on the Sense8 form - even there I would characterize it as usually more like cultural conflict. Many problem participants were not necessarily in bad faith, but simply immature and confrontational. When dining in the banquet hall with lots of spoiled children, there is always a “nyah-nyah, boo-boo” contingent to deal with.

Go for it. If there’s a film you want to talk about, start a thread. Maybe agree upon a standard title tag so you can find it. Sorta like “Movie Talk: Alien 3” or something. Regs can change titles so that’s not a problem, but that 30 day autoclose… :frowning2:

Maybe Offworld can be repurposed (again) as a general media discussion category. Films, television, books, games (both video and tabletop), music, art, and anything else that you can think off that would fit there.


I support this idea.


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