What's your favourite movie?


Share your recent and coming movies…



Usually the person who opens a thread contributes something about the topic?

I guess our film thread closed because 30 days passed without a reply, but prior to that it was running for two years:


kay this is noted…I actually want to see reactions first before I put mine…I cant just have enough of animated movies…they make me feel like a kid, aside that, love movies like Frankestein, also Fate of the Furious for this year, am just growing likeness for LEGO movies…they may sound awkward as I myself can’t explain it… :slight_smile:



and who do you think?



Oh, I thought you meant this…


Notable films I rewatch every so often:

Castaway on the Moon
The Fountain
They Live
The Quiet Earth
V for Vendetta


Comfort films, that I can see again and again.

Bringing Up Baby
This Is Spinal Tap
Monty Python’s Holy Grail
My Neighbor Tototro
Blade Runner, Theatrical Cut
Mystery Science Theater 3000, Lost Continent
The Trouble with Harry
North by Northwest




Too many favorites to pick just one. Some that come to mind first:


So no one even talks about the worldwide movies…how did they make the multi million then? :smile:


What’s a worldwide movie?

Perhaps you could talk about them?


I bet I know where we could find out about worldwide movies…


Worldwide movie that I meant are the movies that made international recognition. Pick for example, Fate of Furious, Wonder Woman, Logan, John Wick 2,all in 2017…past movies like Titanic, Terminator, even Jackie Chan’s movies etc…It just surprises me though as I’ve not seen any of the movies mention buy guys


okay where?





You asked what our favorites were, not which popular movies we liked.