Impassioned union steward perfectly explains the Frito Lay strike

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If management can’t get what this guy’s saying, then I think they need a new rep.


This guy’s awesome, I love it


The full Twitter thread indicates that he’s a comedian doing a bit, but the real union steward with that name thought it was great:


Pepsico think they can diss his lard ass because he can’t handle a workload that a carton cheetah can. This is not exactly the nature of a ‘scientific proof’, right? You are not required to match the output of a fictional cartoon animal. But this guy is required to protest when their demand exceed what is possible or sensible. You go, man! There is no fundamental ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ from first principles, but you (he in the video) are about as close as you can get, and the other side are not even close.

Damn, I hope you win, but we can both see the odds, and even if you lose “Shit, at least I tried” is good on a gravestone, and I hope I can earn that much. Love.

[quote=“JoelRisberg, post:4, topic:201952”]
I’m fairly certain this is a comedian who makes videos like this all the time.[/quote]

Anybody know who this comedian is? I’d love to see more of his work.

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Everything he said is true.


I love that the real Union Rep liked the actor’s impression. It certainly raises the profile of their strike. All the best to them. Those working conditions must be criminal; they are certainly immoral.



I doubt it. Frito-Lay (and many other bosses) need to look at history and realise how easy they have things today.

If a Ferengi can understand the need for unions, then so can you!


If the management disagrees with their statements about the heat - move your desks there and prove it.


Just a reminder, there’s a lot of folks working the meat packing plants…especially migrants and Kansas POC, so it might be a good idea to also boycott them until conditions improve.


Letters of encouragement, stock analyst dispositions, last trade calls, etc.

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I couldn’t like this guy more,

If management can’t get what this guy’s saying, then I think they need new management

Hey Boingboing: now that you know it isn’t an impassioned union steward in the video, please consider re-writing the headline.


Frito-LIE and its Pepsico companion Yum Brands are two of the lowest-paying corporations in the US. Additionally, they provide their employees, after a year, with employee-paid “insurance” policies which pay out a maximum of $6000 or so on medical expenses.

In this area, Lie is run by a veteran Teamster family which allows no unions and has, in the past, required their drivers to run a verbal and informal blacklist of union or non-union labor activists.
Yum (pronounced Dumb), owner of Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried, and Taco Bell, allows a total of fifteen cents in wages over a three year period.

Put the money you all have been paying these creeps into a savings account instead.


This is a crisis actor I can get behind.

I bought a can of Pringles yesterday. I see the video and think, Damn, I wish I had thought about it. I look at Frito-Lays website, Pringles isn’t listed. Wikipedia confirms that Pringles is produced by Kellogg’s, who also make one of my other vices, Cheez-Its.

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And they stop killing people.


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