Impatient father drives into school with teacher on the hood of his car


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Geez it’s a good thing he didn’t have a joint in his car when he assualted that woman with a deadly weapon. He could have done serious time!


Total Mr. Bean move.


Mr. Schoeman was sentenced to 10 months in jail.

The UK has no sense of humor any longer.


God damn liberal leftist judge…didn’t he know this man had very important business to attend to and was not to be trifled with or inconvenienced by some rules!

(/s for those that with sarcasm-deficiency syndrome)


Something about being in a car just short-circuits our pathetic monkey brains.


Why did the teacher sit on the hood of the car?


I wonder if the kid was tardy or on time?


That is definitely assault with a deadly weapon. But if it’s a private school, then… somewhat different considerations apply for the upper class twits.


I know you’re joking, but 1. You hardly need to be upper class to go to private school, and 2. The vast majority of those who do would find this staggering behaviour.

*Full disclosure, yes I did. Open to the possibility of being a twit, but assuredly not upper class.


It keeps your knees from being broken. If you are ever threatened with being run over by a car, sit on the hood. If the car’s moving fast, roll right over the top, but otherwise just stay spreadeagled so you don’t end up in some following car’s path.

The driver was incredibly lucky he didn’t hit those two kids on bikes.



The jackwagon driving that car deserves to be punished as if he DID hit them.


Never give in?


Standard training for teachers with parking lot duty.


Our pathetic monkey brains are short-circuited by default.


That’s going to make for an awkward Parent/Teacher conference later.

Teacher: “I’m please to inform you that while Sally still struggles with long division she has never once committed an act of attempted vehicular homicide.


10 months in jail… by the time this new school year ends next summer he can start looking for work again and perhaps a new spouse.


It looked to me like the teacher sat down first.


The teacher sat down on the hood first.


The difference comes in how it should be handled. A quiet word from the Club Secretary “That just isn’t the done thing, donchaknow?” and it’s properly settled between gentlemen.

Involving the courts and the public and the possibility of being judged by ordinary people? No, no, that strikes at the very heart of the original meaning of “privilege”: private law.