High school teacher shows up for first work day drunk, without pants


Why shame her here?


It’s an ultimately counterproductive coping strategy; but teachers who feel the need to get good and loaded before the first day of school and the attendant crop of eager new learners are definitely an offender population whose state of mind I find wholly understandable.


“it’s not a party til you shit blood!”

-my old bar manager


Damn cops! Where I come from this is a sacred tradition! They respect nothing - nothing!


Alcohol is a hell of a drug, people.


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“Some parents were baffled,”



I partied with a High School teacher once, but in all fairness she was a Home Economics Teacher and I did have some killer weed, plus I remember a monkey being involved, and a bottle of Jack, not to mention the pills we stole from the medicine cabinet. Well suffice to say, we had fun…


You shut up about my mom!


I don’t find this funny. The woman looks like she’s really not well. Neither drinking heavily nor being fat will make your face and neck look like that. Way to be a rich chick in a better part of the country who would probably have died if she were in this lady’s location. Sorry to be mean, but honestly, this is fucked and I’m just not in the mood to shut up and laugh.


I’m with danegeld. BoingBoing should be reserved strictly for respectful, reverent posts on topical intellectual matters. The Kantian implications of Ruso-Uzbekin international relations, for instance. Leave awesome stuff like drunk pantsless teachers showing up on the first day of school to the cretins on reddit.


I think BoingBoing should just revert to a interactive zen-garden. Elsewise, I get too agitated.


So what offense(s) did they arrest her for?

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It appears that my reply got eaten, (I assume) due to its relation to another comment.

Which I guess means that I can make a joke about being hammered.

But I’m not feeling like cracking wise, really. I don’t think this post is appropriate. I’ve been in a life that shared some surface similarities with the one this teacher seems to be experiencing (although I always knew where my pants were), and don’t believe that abject misery is a laughing matter.

Yeah, we can giggle because no pants. But the mugshot is unnecessary to the story, and its inclusion here strikes me as mean-spirited.

I followed the misadventures of one Mayor Ford with interest, when it was wall-to-wall here on BB; I don’t claim to be some kind of saint. But that was in relation to a powerful and corrupt public official, so the rubbernecking seemed excusable. This is a small person with a ruined life.


Public Intoxication.

I don’t find this sort of story to my tastes, but then again I don’t find rebroadcasting other reports or public information such as the fact of her arrest & its alleged circumstance to necessarily be shaming.

BB has odd arrest reports now & again, Xeni didn’t mention the subjects weight or appearance & included a cautionary tho tongue in cheek remark bout alcohol.

I mean, if it’d be wrong to judge her by her weight or appearance there is only her circumstance remaining as a reason to -not- include the mugshot, right? So why’d it come up again?

If anything, this is rubbernecking, everyone does it in some respect, but attributing weight, appearance, or circumstantial shaming to this blog post is reaching and/or accidental projecting.

Still not my tastes, but so little is in the “news” these days.

Oh & c’mon, you think small town OK is someplace someone who does have their shit together would have a problem with? That’s in the USA which is in North America which is by the standards of most of it’s inhabitants & lots of other non-inhabitants pretty easily negotiable, even the bad parts. ( 'scluding some chunks of Mexico, them cartels be scary )


Ha ha ha! It’s funny because she’s probably sick and desperate and miserable.


School is already in session there? yikes


Pants NOT optional.

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School lets out in early May in Oklahoma, if I recall correctly. Something about farm jobs, or so I’ve heard.

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BB has criticized mushot repositories before, with Xeni herself criticizing the Portland PD for publishing the mugshots of Occupy arrestees. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that she wouldn’t really like it if they published their collection of “funny” mugshots, either. And it’s not just a case of criticizing things when the government does it, because the mugshot databases that routinely come in for criticism are privately run. On the other hand, BB also seems to think the right to be forgotten is pretty terrible, which seems to put these competing values in a bit of tension.

Personally, I think the right to be forgotten isn’t that unreasonable (as it is, only those who have the technical knowledge to avoid being remembered while connecting to the internet are able to have their online activities not remembered, which seems a bit unfair to those without access to that specialized knowledge), but that’s kind of beside the point. “Funny” mugshots are much more indefensible than mugshots that might actually relate to serious crimes, as they really serve no purpose other than to humiliate the individual pictured without actually providing any real warning to the community, as may be the case with offense-related mugshots.