Teacher arrested after cutting off student's hair while singing national anthem


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It seems there’s a racist motive here too because of course there is. (Many Native American cultures hold hair sacred.)

ETA: Actually I misread, that was ANOTHER horrible teacher doing the same thing to another student. WTF??


I can think of things teachers did ‘back in my day’ that would have gotten them in trouble IF everyone had cell phones filming everything and posting it to social media all the time.

But surprisingly everything turned out alright and nobody was harmed.


Phew! It was just untreated psychosis rather than political or racial resentment!


Yes, of all the “teachers forcibly cutting students’ hair while expressing nationalist sentiments” stories to make headlines this week this is probably the least disturbing.


I much prefer the “crazy” of my high school days when my favorite English teacher would enter the room, look at all of us at our desks, and then say something like “You are all so perfect… I want you to know that” and then she’d proceed with the day’s lesson.


Psychotic episode? or what? is there an explainer anywhere?


My son’s former school had a strictly enforced policy against cell phones, and I can’t help but think this was part of the reason.


Growing up i had really great schooling but i do recall my class being very difficult with certain teachers through out middle/high school. To the point of outright hostility. I remember one teacher getting fired because everyone hated her, and another teacher getting so pissed off at us for being passive aggressive assholes that he flipped a desk. In retrospect i feel for those teachers, but at the time i didn’t notice how awful we were being to them.

Not that i’m defending the teacher in this video, i find that to be on a whole other level of awful. But i do wonder how much different my school years would’ve been had social media been around when we had issues with our teachers.


Yeah, my English teacher would do crazy things too…



Is this sarcasm or have you found a source? She did look like she was having some sort of breakdown.


Catholic school in the 1960’s. Been there. Done that. It wasn’t child endangerment back then.


Except for the ones who were harmed and everyone was silent about. It is only relatively recently that mental illness and suicides have been openly talked about.


Well that sounds simply terrifying. My knowledge of these things (obtained by literally decades of movie-watching) is that she was readying you for sacrifice to the Old Ones on the Parents-Teacher Association.


If she gets James Fields’ lawyer they can claim it was “self defense”.


It’s hard to express how little shits I give about what led up to her abusing a student.

Sadly this is the state of affairs, where the student is expected to idly sit down and hope the footage reaches the authorities.

Ironically if that kid had forcibly disarmed her he’d probably be the one facing charges.

(Hell, if he was even in possession of unauthorized scissors there would be zero tolerance)

I’m so very glad to finally be an adult who can stand my ground against these types.

Yes, but at the end of the day you’re a minor and they’re an adult. Plus, I suspect they don’t have the best classroom technique if “everyone hated her”. A kind teacher (not a nice teacher who lets the class do whatever they want but a kind teacher) rarely has issues with entire rooms.

I still remember one particularly toxic teacher who’d threaten to bring her paddle out of storage, and went so far as to store it in a locker in the room and wave it around. She threw a shit fit when I brought back a pipe from recess and waved it around the next time she waved hers.

(It sounds extreme but I was in 3rd grade so I didn’t really grasp the difference in being hit with a pipe vs a paddle given that I was raised on a steady diet of home alone movies)


And I have to wonder if society at large would be in a better state today if not for teachers like that back then.


I heard about something like this a while ago.

On the other hand, there’s this horror story.


OK. . . I was thinking about all the weird stuff teachers used to do to get our attentions and to illustrate aspects of the lesson, stuff which I know would not fly today because parents would overreact, but at the same time were not in the least harmful.

I don’t really understand what’s going on in that video, but the kid seems OK with it even as the other kids are freaking out, so I’m reserving judgement until I learn more.


One teacher was actually very good but her personality type was very no-nonsense. The class rebelled against her slowly until it reached a boiling point, years later she ended up being my math teacher at a different high school and i really enjoyed having her as my teacher. I didn’t instigate any trouble with her in middle school but felt bad over her termination in retrospect (though she was unnecessarily harsh at times from what little i recall).

The other teacher that flipped the desk, that dude was a true asshole. I forget at this point all the shit he did but he did deserve the pushback he got from us students.