Teacher arrested after cutting off student's hair while singing national anthem


For sure, I had some “eccentric” teachers that I believe my life is better for.

I did not watch the video, but you do have to have a license to cut hair for safety/sanitary reasons. The teacher should have to answer to some kind of trouble, but holy smokes, $100000 bail?


Oh, lots of people were harmed. I know a couple of people whose anxiety conditions are far worse now than they would be, had their teachers not been psychologically abusive in ways that were “just fine back in my day”.


The only way to stop a bad teacher with scissors is a good teacher with scissors.


She must be a fun parent.


I’m sure you must have a credible source for this, otherwise it wold be a violation of this boards rules to say something like that.


I think forcing a kid to watch that movie is a low-level, passive aggressive form of child abuse.



Well, if “no nonsense” isn’t working you need to change things up. Refusing to adjust your strategy because might makes right is thinking a General in Afghanistan uses, not a teacher. It’s a valid strategy, but don’t get shocked that there seem to be “insurgents” no matter how much you clamp down :wink:


I remember our Gym teacher in Jr High. we had a kid who was native american and did a dance for an assembly. The Gym teach was giving the kid a lit of shit about it. Whoo whoo whoo type of shit. this was in the early 70s. The kid was bigger then the teacher and wall slammed the guy.


You got lucky.

I had an elementary school teacher place me in the lowest level reading group (with the sped kids) because I was bad at spelling. (I believe the offending word was Clavicle). Imagine her chagrin when I switched classes and ended up in the highest level reading group and in gifted and talented. Not technically “crazy” but a poor teacher.

In middle school our social studies teacher routinely let us run wild. At one point she actively encouraged the class to go out the window (we were on the first floor.) There was a rumor that she was hiding alcohol above the drop ceiling. I remember the door to her room being locked and when another teacher opened it she was standing on a chair, but that could be my imagination. After the school year was over parents made a big stink and she was replaced the next year.

In high school, where I generally had excellent teachers, I had a teacher that refused to teach freshmen Romeo and Juliet because “we wouldn’t” understand it. We were convinced that she was hungover all the time but who knows?


“Results may vary.”

I’m not defending abusive teachers, I’m referencing the “crazy” teachers who took chances with us when I was growing up.


When I was in Primary school I had a teacher who kept the wooden metre-rule, known as Horace and gifted to her by an older teacher, above the blackboard as a visible threat.
She never wielded it, corporal punishment had just been outlawed, but one kid swore hideously at her and I saw her bend that kid backwards over the sink and squirt his mouth full with Fairy Liquid.

Many years later she adopted a kid from the home my parents ran. When I entered the room and saw her my reaction was somewhat like when Sarah Connor first sees the Terminator in T2.

Bullying students? Fuck that noise.


You’re probably right, but children can get up to some terrible shit with cellphones. Great for both cyberbullying and plain old bullying.


We should arm teachers to keep children safe.


Great visual. Sorry you had to live it.


Thanks; but I’d have posted the GIF if I could have found it :grin:


There we go! :wink:



I remember discovering that some of my teachers were not necessarily totally “with it.” Up to that point I assumed that they must be the best people society had to offer… It was a tremendous letdown.

This woman seems to be troubled. Those poor kids… can’t imagine how they might feel about their teachers and authority in general going forward.


It took me a second, but now I have it playing back in my head, GIF or no GIF. I remember that one.


“Taking chances” as in cutting a kid’s hair against their will and then coming at other kids with scissors?

Because, uh, I can’t think of a time in my childhood when that would have been remotely OK. They might have gotten away with it, but it’s definitely abuse, at all time in recent history.