Texas schoolteacher "not a racist" because she only "almost" wants citywide segregation


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I usually don’t place the blame on teachers when students fail, this is not one of those times. Teaching is a hard job, especially when students don’t want to engage, but teachers that think like this are not good teachers.


Does she not know what “racist” means? And we wonder why the rest of the developed world laps us in educational standards…


Hmm, another appeal to honesty after Tim Hunt’s dumbass remarks. I suppose this focus on honesty is based on a miscalculation that everyone is hiding how they really feel and that if you put a crack in the damn, it will burst. I’m reminded of why I hate the term “political correctness.” It’s just a shorthand way of saying, “Yeah, but you don’t really believe that.”


Agreed. Teachers have a tough job, and they get almost no institutional support for this. They’re trapped on one side by tough standards and an insane bureacracy, and on the other by an unsympathetic public who thinks they have a cushy, easy job.

But this woman… she shouldn’t be a teacher.


Wow. Just. Wow.


She don’t cotton to no fancy book learn’un, no sir!


If the Frenship Independent School District dumps her, maybe there’s a second chance working in the Frenemy Amalgamated District…and if that doesn’t work out, she can always find a job doing PR for Vidor, TX. (Texans will get the joke.)


I will give her credit for one thing: social unrest and violence can happen “when you flunk out of school and have no education.”

However she’s also demonstrated that even those who have had enough education that they have a job–teacher, for instance–can be really stupid too.


Investigation over. She posted it and yes it is offensive, racist, and ignorant. Let’s move on the the firing phase of the public shaming process which she so richly deserves.


Smart move on her part. Now she’ll lose her job, and then an online petition will form and she’ll be a millionaire overnight.

It’s a sick world folks.


It’s gotten so predictable I’d almost say it’s a “legitimate” method.



If she only hailed from White Settlement. That would have iced the cake very nicely.


Update - she was fired.
Good riddance racist teacher. The kids are better off without you.


I feel more sympathy with a cop who poorly handled what must be a fairly standard cop situation than with a teacher who has had a few days to compose her thoughts and comes out with a torrent of pure ignorance.


Nobody here to defend her right to free speech? First they came for the racist cops…


Well, looks like she got exactly what she was asking for!

I think “Texas schoolteacher” is trying to rival “Florida man” for world’s worst superhero.


Labeling your opinion “true and honest” doesn’t mean other people can’t label you “racist shitbag and all-around horrible human being”.


I’ve seen it dozens of times… people making a racist or anti-gay statement and calling it “truth.”


She was fired today. /sigh. I know, I know, she was racist and wrong. I just hope I’m never fired for something I say outside work. I’m trans, and I argue with TERFs, and one of them has a pattern of looking up legal names and complaining to people’s bosses, doctors and therapists. And there won’t be a line of gullible conservatives chipping in if I’m ever fired.