College professor caught on video telling couple to "go back to your home country"


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Yes, seriously, our employers should act with the speed and judgement of Youtube and Twitter. That would make for better work environments.


If you would like to have a full normal interview about the displacement of European-Americans

What a round about way of saying “persecution of whites”. This rhetoric sounds pretty racist if you ask me


No blue jeans, make up or hair product can cover that ugly.


This seems like a good place to post this:

Cue the apologists, frozen peaches, and white knights racing to defend this latest outburst of hateful stupid, once the prof in question inevitably loses her job…


Having seen the short videos is there some situation where you can picture what happened before the recording started that looks like the woman saying “Go back to your home country” ISN"T a racist shitbag?


Smug ignorance.


Some advice: complaining about “the displacement of European-Americans” doesn’t sound like a good way to prove you’re not racist.


Displacement of European Americans? But they’re mostly all right here? I’m one of them, no one’s displaced me and I’m way more afraid of a Trump fueled domestic attack on immigrants like my partner than I am of being chased out for being too white.


It’s basically this:


I’m not saying she isn’t. I’m saying the the university is fully justified in not reacting like internet trolls.


Why are they offended? Their home country is US, isn’t it?


Fully justified eh? Hmm. I disagree


You’d prefer ‘employment subject to disapproval by random internet commentators’?


It’s telling that I had a half-dozen states cued up as my guesses where this occurred before seeing that this was in California, and then was unsurprised to see it was Long Beach.


Weird how whenever someone says/does something that seems awfully hateful and racist the first defense they mount is “it’s taken out of context”.

I wonder why that is.


I’m not sure what I find more offensive; her views, or the creepy Black Mirror style iPhone stalking they’re using to provoke a reaction.


You see. I told ya. Those “liberal” college professors are the real racists while we in the Aryan Nations are only preserving our own proud white white white culture. /snark


If I stated stupid racist shit like that out loud directed at other people at any of my places of employment I would have been escorted out the door by management as soon as possible. Why should it be different for this lady?


Same here, and being an artist, I’ve worked in a wide variety of day jobs to pay the bills over the years; from waiting tables to office admin.

I can’t think of a single work environment where such flagrant antisocial behavior would not merit expedient termination of employment… outside of the current WH admin, of course.