Watch: Georgetown professor is racist about Black students, not realizing Zoom call is public

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Goodbye teaching job, hello OANN commentator gig.


Take a wild guess who she voted for in the last general election.


I wish I could say that for certain, but I’ve seen too much casual racism in liberal and “centrist” circles to do so.

In any case, with deep-seated bias like that now exposed I can’t see how she keeps her job, even with tenure.


I looked over my “benefit of the doubt” account, and it is bone dry. I do agree that closet bigots/racists/klanner wannabes are out there, and very possibly their numbers are swelling.


Probably not. They are just being more open about it. They have always been here, but for the last couple pre-Trump decades, it behooved them to keep it quiet. Now they are empowered and pissed off, and at least we are able to more easily identify them.


And the white students that are at the bottom, does that drive her crazy and lead to making blanket presumptions about all white people?
Didn’t think so


Agreed. They are actively recruiting and sharing their hateful views more easily, thanks to social media and removal of restrictions that used to enforce broadcast standards.


Saying she “hates” to say it doesn’t really sound like she hates it at all.



Just substitute “Blacks” for “girls” and “law” for “math.”


Absolutely. The Republican party may be the overtly white supremacist party, but this is America, racism is endemic, and anti-Blackness absolutely has toeholds in white liberalism (remember, the Enlightenment fueled both humanism and colonialism). King noted this when he decried the ‘white moderate’ and Peele nodded to it when his murderous white patriarch in Get Out assured the protagonist that he’d have voted for Obama three times if he could have.

On a different note, if you’re a teacher, and you notice that Black students are disproportionately failing your class, your first thought should be “How am I failing my Black students? What systemic biases am I not combatting, and what internalized biases am I not recognizing?” It should not be assuming that your Black students are congenitally weaker academically. Jesus.


I’m not really even understanding the point of her whine.

I am going to go out on a limb and say for the vast majority people, of any color, being at the “bottom” of the law school at Georgetown would be doing pretty darn well. Even if this weren’t heinously racist, which it is, it is still ignorant of the reality of life on earth for “normal” people.

Maybe her problem reaching her students has more to do with how abnormal and out of touch with reality she is, rather than anyone being “jumbled”.


It appears that she may be gone already:


Bye Bye Goodbye GIF


I see this as a form of subconscious racism. She would never use any explicitly racist terms, but you can see that she considers at least some of her Black students as being inferior.

One of the things that you definitely don’t get from her is any notion of “I need to improve my teaching skills to reach a diverse student base”.


No; we’re not.

There is no “we” here.

You’re choosing to defend the indefensible.


Right. Like stripped of the racist baggage her statement is “some of my students do really great, but a lot of them are not” which is something I think every university professor laments all the time without blaming it on their race.

Also, if Black students are chronically underperforming in your class, maybe try to find out if there is anything you can do to help? Maybe it is something you are doing or maybe there are factors that are not your fault but which you can help address? There is a word for that kind of activity… something like “education”?

Even if it is unthinking “well intentioned” racism, it deserves to be recognized as racism, and the effect it has on the people subjected to it.

Is this woman “beyond hope”? I have no idea. Maybe she is a MAGA hat wearing insurrectionist in hiding, maybe she is a generally well meaning person who said something without thinking that reflected her biased point of view and she can reflect on this and improve. Lord knows we love second chances for mediocre white people in this country.


Reposting this here, because apparently more people need a look.

Read the whole thread. All of it. Think about the assumptions white people make about Black people all the time. These students aren’t at the bottom of the class because they can’t hack it. They’re there because that’s where their teachers assume they belong. They’re there because throughout their education, white kids have gotten breaks and the kind of attention Black kids never will.

And in this case because their teacher is outright uninterested in teaching them. Because she’s racist.




That twitter thread is amazing. I cried.

Looks like someone got moderated, but anyone making these kinds of claims or who thinks that “is it correlation or causation” might be a defense of this professor hasn’t asked “why?” enough times, and that twitter thread is a fantastic distillation of the conclusion of really looking. Because if you haven’t gotten to, “there is long standing, on going systemic racism that hurts Black Americans (and other minority groups)” then you haven’t really looked and understood.

My other favorite high level tour of this is Ta-Nehisi Coats’ The Case for Reparations: The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic