Penn law professor goes on Tucker Carlson's show to say Black and Asian people resent “Western peoples’ outsized achievements”

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“So, if she hates America so much, why doesn’t she leave it?”

[god, I hate shitty argumentation.]


I understand that Western men resent the outsized, uh, achievements of non-Western men.


Yeah, who would do something like that?


I am just glad that the eye-mouth thing seems to have run its course, the abstract painting look is much better for me personally.


…in an institution they never built themselves.

On the whole, Tucker, white folks brought in a shit-ton of slaves of color to accomplish that. :man_shrugging:

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She is particularly spiteful toward Indian Americans… “On some level, their country is a shithole.”

She… she does realize India is on course to be the 4th nation on earth with a manned space program in the next 2-3 years?

At any rate… wooowww. The hood is off. Even coming down on America’s “model” minority.

And echoing the same mantra of lies: “The left hates America.”


I don’t know that tenure and the idea of academic freedom actually protect this sort of thing. At least, I think the university could likely make a good case that she was speaking outside her area of expertise [law] and so doesn’t enjoy those protections.

ETA: And her attacks on students at her own institution, who are in another area, would definitely be a fireable offense most anywhere. But I suppose Penn takes “risk assessment” look at this and thinks about “Streisand effect.”


Ah, the classic: “We white men built everything by not allowing anyone else to participate…except the slaves who we actually used to build some of the stuff.”

Not the brag you think it is.


“You don’t show up in someone else’s country and start attacking them.”

well that’s certainly something no western country has ever done. for sure 1000 % positive … I’m absolutely certain on this one…

ankor wat the pyramids of giza the empire of mansa musa …phsss.


So she’s a law professor… who apparently knows nothing of history, etc., yet feels fully qualified to spout off about it. Racism sure is a hell of a drug. (Also, there’s something about law professors, who seem to disproportionately feel the need to ignorantly inject themselves into discourses where they take on awful/insane positions.)

Well, she’s talking about Americans, so I guess the “shithole” she’s talking about is America. I mean, it’s certainly true on many levels…

It frequently seems to, which surprises me. When a professor is so overtly hostile to whole groups, that seems like a kind of fundamental disqualifier for teaching students who will be of those groups, not least of which is that it would reasonably open up the school for lawsuits.


Tell me you know nothing about American history without telling me you know nothing about American history…

Or world history.

Absolutely. But we know that they won’t because freeze peach is for right wing racists, especially in academia…


Imagine paying to have this regressive POS teach you.


Regardless of how developed a country is or isn’t, to call some places a shithole is supremely ignorant to the point to where its not worth my time to speak to it at length because its only going to further upset me


Had profs this toxic. Deep resentments.


I wonder how often she sits on thumb tacs…


I assume they’re AI generated combinations of main subjects of the article.

I’m not sure though.

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They do have that “computer not quite sure what it is looking at” vibe.

True, but I found it ironic that she focused on India - who is doing a lot of cool stuff right now, and certainly more developed than she is giving them credit for. (Same with a lot of places, where sure there is still rural areas that aren’t well developed - like in Russia - but they still have modern cities and amenities, schools, doctors, etc.)

Also, historically, India has a ton of achievements and things of historical importance. I know from our Euro-centric idea of history, Asia seems to be ignored, but for just one example India was a pioneer in Mathematics and architecture. Not to mention the Kama Sutra :wink: