Professor "fired after mocking political correctness" story falls apart


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Was he offered a writing job for “The Great Indoors” afterwards?


I’ll be damned if this doesn’t sound like one of my professors from about 15 years ago. However, he retired and went on his way while I was still attending.


Calling oneself “deplorable” is just to self-identify as racist, sexist and homophobic. Why on Earth did he think that was a good idea? Oh yeah, he thought he was anonymous. Christ, what an asshole. Seems like the university would have some pretty good reasons to not continue his employment.


So many of my professors were up in arms, “how could principles be betrayed?!” I was all, “look, they’ll pay for the dean’s vacation home but they wouldn’t kick a guy to the curb for free speech.” It seemed like this one guy lying was the more likely thing.

Nice to know you can still teach your teachers.


I’m sure dude is probably bitter about not having a tenure-track position, and is blaming that on “liberals” too.


Next up, he “outs” himself as carrying out a social experiment and asks for his job back and the chance to write up his findings?


The reason the Update is funny is that, in the email correspondence published by NYU, the Dean actually retracts the leave offered (originally at the request of the professor), and demands that he be back teaching the next day. So indeed he does still have his job, and the ball is in the schmuck’s court.


So has he released the floodgates of damning evidence of malfeasance by the university? Seems like that should be his next step unless he has nothing (he has nothing).


Of course. They keep giving the jobs to women and minorities because of “identity politics,” instead of the white men who deserve them. I know he thinks this, because he states as much multiple times in his Twitter feed, only in stronger terms.

To be fair, I imagine they found it hard to believe he was being such a disingenuous asshat.

But he still needs the leave! He took it, apparently, for the sole purpose of being able to claim he was forced out because of his views, and that he still “needs” to do that! Well, either that, or what triggered his leave was his feeling that people were being hostile to him because of his views and he needed a safe space in which to recover, but it can’t be that because that’s exactly what he’s always railing against…


It looks like the professor… just got schooled.



I know, right? But of course, the reality is that many of the adjuncting jobs are not going to white men, but to women and POC. Disproportionately so. The tenure track is still dominated by white men. The rest of us have to be so much more talented just to get a campus interview.


Keep on doin that twice-as-much so you can get half-as-far!

And hey, howza bout giving us a smile while you’re doing it? There ya go!


And don’t forget to wear skirts, you don’t want to be mistaken for a guy out there, you’ve got it, flaunt it!


Seems to me NYU is not the perfect place for a gentleman of his caliber. I wonder if Bob Jones is hiring?


But not too much, you damn slut. Is that skirt down to your fingertips?


Indeed. I imagine he’s caught the attention of President Jerry Falwell at good ol Liberty U.


And can’t you adopt a more … professional hairstyle.


And don’t be too intimidating towards the male students or too nice. And if they don’t listen, it’s your fault for being too informal.


You know how I like it!