Mom pretending to be 13-year-old student at daughter's middle school arrested

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If you’re taking the role of a tiger team, you have to make sure to inform the people in charge beforehand.



“My integrity is being put on the line!” she says of the negative response her videos have garnered.

“How dare you question my integrity when all I did was attempt to perpetrate a fraud and to break the safety rules of my kid’s middle school? So unfair!”

Unless one sees the people in charge as the enemy. In which case one is no longer on the tiger team/red squad.


Has anyone deepfaked her face into the gif yet?

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“My integrity is being put on the line!”



One could see this as yet another example of: we were caught breaking the law in a way that is dangerous to the people we have a professional duty to protect, so let’s arrest the person who brought it to our attention. How dare she?

Not saying that what she did was right. Misguided, I would say. But the reaction doesn’t include ANY indication that they learned the lesson she just showed them.


Breaking the law?


Well, yes, that’s a problem, no question.

But she showed that the school was breaking the law as well.

It’s similar to people going undercover to show abuses in various industries.

Unfortunately, if any lesson is learned, it might be: see, wearing masks is dangerous for our children, because the school can’t figure out who is who.



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How? This is not clear to me from the article.


“Social experiment” is generally just code for “being an asshole.”


I can understand the trespassing charge, but the other two seem like a real reach and something done just to get her to plead out. In other words standard operating procedure.

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Sounds more like a social media stunt gone wrong than any kind of noble effort, despite her claims otherwise. Her poor kid though.


That kinda creepy 1999 Drew Barrymore movie Never Been Kissed would have been much improved if the protagonist and her brother were both arrested and charged with multiple crimes for their fake student shenanigans.


I will admit that the move this reminded me of was Hiding Out with Jon Cryer


A 30 year old mom with a 13 year old kid.

I’m trying really hard not to be judgmental because I don’t know under what circumstances she became pregnant at 16 or 17. I will just say that the education system needs to improve. Particularly SEX EDUCATION and access to family planning and birth control.


One can sympathize with someone who had so much of their childhood removed having fantasies of getting it back somehow.


I’m pretty divided on things like this.

It’s trespassing if you are on school grounds without a valid reason…but we aren’t going to do much to enforce that. I work in a factory and you can’t get on the production floor without a badge to let you through the door. Now should that be the standard we set for schools…eh, I think that’s a different debate. Obviously the merit system as it is used here is flawed, but a complete locked down system also seems rather depressing.


I’m with you on “tampering with government records”, but the “traffic warrant from 2017” wouldn’t be a reach at all. Warrants don’t expire, and basically if you ever cross paths with the police while you have an outstanding warrant you should expect to be visiting a jail cell (except for the specific case of “I’m at court waiting to see the judge about quashing a warrant”, and sometimes “I went on purpose to the police station with my attorney here to clear up an old matter of a warrant”).


Is the age of the daughter mentioned in the videos? I admit I didn’t watch more than 10 seconds. The article only says 30 year old mom pretending to be 13 years old at her daughter’s middle school. Age of the daughter isn’t mentioned in the article. In Texas the kid could be 11 or 12. Also no mention of whether she is the biological mom either. Could be step or adopted.
In any case, the age of the mother at the birth of the daughter is completely irrelevant. I find it odd you focus on shaming the mom for your assumption she became a mother at 17 rather than her current and relevant actions of pretending to be 13, tresspassing, and her cringworthy excuses for her behavior.