Important development in soy sauce containers

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The trick is a special cap that attaches to a bladder that holds the sauce inside the squeeze bottle, and prevents the sauce from air contact, at least until you use it.

Urologists’ testimonials to follow.


I think he means a silicone cap with a tiny slit that stays closed until you squeeze the bottle, like the ones on honey and ketchup containers that open on the bottom.


Now, if someone could just point me to a bottle of Oyster Sauce that actually allows one to easily get the Oyster Sauce out of said bottle.

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Another prominent manufacturer eschews infinitely recyclable glass in favor of hardly recyclable plastic.

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I’m going to bet that when you include the energy inputs required for manufacturing, shipping and recycling the heavy glass bottle over the much lighter plastic one, (plus the less quantifiable wastage of breakage of the glass ones), the plastic one comes out ahead in terms of carbon footprint. And I’m not sure that this isn’t a recyclable plastic

It’s absolutely not recyclable in my municipality. The bag and the bottle are different resins. Plastics have to be sorted by resin to be recycled. China does still accept some plastics for recycling, but is now very, very strict about contamination. It’s hard enough to find a market for easily recycled containers, let alone a mixed plastic one like this.


Glass is near infinitely recyclable. Plastics are recyclable once. Maybe twice. Only as long as they’re kept very clean. Color in the resins make the problem much worse.

All it takes to recycle glass is melting it down again. Plastics require extensive chemical reprocessing.

Raw material for Glass in the first place is cheaply available basically everywhere, and just requires you pick the good stuff. The raw material for plastic is extremely limited and needs extensive chemical processing to go from oil to resin stock.

Plastic isn’t remotely as eco friendly as glass. Just consider the waste generated and water use of plastic vs glass.


Not nearly that simple. Glass bottles weigh about 40 times as much as plastic, and so can have a higher carbon footprint.

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