Impossible objects, explained

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I’m waiting for 4D printing to get really impossible objects.


I can remember when magicians didn’t blab.


My congratulations on your great age. :slight_smile:


I love optical art and impossible objects.

Here, have you heard of Captain Disillusion. He is not only hilarious, but is an FX expert. Of course some stuff isn’t FX, it is illusions, and here he shows how a recent meme works.


Well that’s me glued to YouTube for the day.

Be sure to check out the series about the Back to the Future FX. But yes, I find him incredibly entertaining. I’ve shown my kid some of them for the FX info.

The title is a lie.

They are not objects of any kind, therefore they are not impossible objects.

They are 2D works of art that do not represent actual objects.

What?!? No Rectabular Excrusions? Quel dommage!

Did you watch the video? :slight_smile:

I did, but with no sound.

My comment relates to the original conceptual art.

I’m not suggest a trompe l’oeil object that works from a certain POV is impossible. I’m saying the artwork that inspired this does not map 1:1 to any real object.

So… ceci n’est pas une pipe, hein?

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