This artist's 3D painting will blow your mind

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You Won’t Believe What This Artist Painted! It Will Blow Your Mind! Doctors Hate This One Weird Trick!


It would be fun to create something along these lines that trick-or-treaters could walk past thinking “that doesn’t look real” but then turn around to leave to see a snake about to pounce on them or a mummy looming over them…


Why anyone would paint a pigeon head on their marble table is beyond me.


Who are you calling a “weird trick”, Buster?


Gonna be nitpicky here, but isn’t it “optical illusion”, not 3D?

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Line’a’crap that guy talks.

Those IKEA monsters are WAY better.

I have to admit though. He’s got way better patience and hand control than I do.

I might be able to pull off something "close but not quite"with compressed or pencil charcoal, but going for photo-realism with powdered charcoal takes some work.

And yeah…I hate when somebody who’s mastered a technique talks a line of b.s. He could have just plainly stated that he uses intense observation. He draws things as he sees them without the visual symbolism we attach to objects as children (angles for noses, etc.).


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