Wonderful trompe l'oeil horror makeup



The first one is, by far, the most genuinely horrifying. It probably has feeding habits that involve an agonizing hunger that can neither be resisted nor sated, as well…

Definitely awesome, not at all related to trompe l’oeil.


The first one shown here or on her site?

If you mean the first here (Black), shit yeah. I reckon coming across her IRL looking like that would actually give me a bit of a scare.

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IMO it’s fair to say a couple of them are trompe l’oeil-ish…

On the black one above there’s sculpted lips creating a shadow, with paint hiding the shape of her actual lips, which sorta fits the bill.

And on Yellow here, I reckon the mouth is pretty much exactly trompe l’oeil, innit?

Needs a brighter white under her bottom lip and some shadow around the gums.

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Yeah, that one. I haven’t worked out the details; but it manages to go beyond merely creepy and straight into ‘ontological violation detected, all phenomena within the affected lightcone are under indefinite quarantine’.


I’m digging the comic book styling. Looks like a different model though?

I guess I’m the only one who wonders what making sweet love to such a creation would be like?


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