Superduperperspective paintings that trick the eye


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How well does this work with both eyes? I’m assuming you have to view it monoptically (as with the camera) for it to work. Anybody seen it and care to comment?
(It is a very nice illusion btw).


Well, it is a 3-D picture, it’s just that it sticks out rather than in-- they could have done it the other way too, except then you’d have to cut a hole in the wall.


Reminds me of the busts in the Disney Haunted Mansion that seem to move their heads to watch you. In that case, the face goes in rather than out. Did that with a mask once. It’s a creepy illusion.


Almost as impressive as this one.


I’ve seen them. It’s quite realistic with both eyes, very compelling - I was walking down an aisle at a show at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC, and in my peripheral vision there was movement on the wall. Even standing right in front of them is powerful.


Very cool. But he should have titled it either “Superduperspective” or “Superdupereverspective”.


Works much better if you close one eye. There are a couple of these in a hotel lobby near me. They’re very cool.


Nope. Different. The reverse perspective gives the illusion of movement in the picture that you don’t get with conventional perspective.


I like Superspective. Cool works.


Is it a sailboat?

I don’t know why this makes me think of the magic eye picture craze, but it does.


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