Impressive Japanese manga cosplay by pro cosplayer Leon Chiro

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Okay I am seriously impressed

If you have never seen JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and you really want to go down the WTF tunnel hard, do yourself a favor and watch it.

I can’t even begin to describe it, other than it starts as a family trying to stop a man who becomes an immortal vampire after wearing an ancient mask. It quickly evolves into something so surreal full of kung fu action, that you would have to take drugs to understand the plot lines without any backstory.

Supernatural serial killers, invisible babies, aliens, ghosts, vampires, witches with two right hands, Italian kung fu masters, and everyone has a superpower named after a famous band. Classic rock soundtrack morphs into hip hop, and a bad guy’s hand turns into a murderous squirrel as he fights a mutant cyborg Nazi over a volcano.

Basically it’s the most surreal thing you will ever watch


I fully endorse this message :+1:


The manga is incredibly lushly illustrated and the anime adaptation - at least, the second attempts - live up to it, especially in the creative ways they show some of the more bizarre Stand powers.

And the manga was exhibited in the Louvre!


I’m most impressed by the glasses flip toward the camera, howdee do that?

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