In 1891, an unknown criminal began poisoning women in London

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NOTE: This is the last regular episode of The Futility Closet podcast! They decided to cease production due to health and time problems.

I believe there will be one puzzle episode following this.


Another fascinating tale - and so very sad.

“Probably no criminal was ever executed in London who had a less pitying mob awaiting his execution.”

Weirdly pronounced Yankistani place names abound. Milan, MI is MILE-un. Nirvana, MI is nur’-VAIN-uh (and most ineptly named). Lake Orion, MI is Lake OR-ee’-un. Versailles, KY is vur-SALES. Moscow, Idaho is MOSS-cow (and the home of The Appaloosa Horse Club).

Great lateral thinking puzzle, as usual.

All needed healing to them. I’m really gonna miss their podcast. tophat-eek tophat-sad tophat-cry


me too! i’m really thankful for all the great episodes they’ve done.

coincidentally? the hosts of one of my other favorite podcasts – you’re wrong about – recently went their separate ways.

:crying_cat_face: ( excuse me while i tune my radio to pure static – really the best channel on the thing – to cover the sound of my tears. )


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