Investigators uncover identity of mystery man found dead on remote moor

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The curious incident of no reports of a fearsome, diabolical hound of supernatural origin on the moor.


This is eerily similar to the Peter Bergmann case.


Well he lived in London, not Pakistan didn’t he? I would imagine he was just looking someplace quiet and remote, and the place he died seems to fit the bill. Doesn’t seem that mysterious.


“Stay off the moors at night”

American Werewolf in London


“Why there?”

Why anything.


Another triumph for the security state! More cameras for all!


Don’t know. I haven’t seen anything to that effect, just that he was originally from London and had travelled to Manchester from there. I think the poison was traced to Pakistan and he’d had surgical work done there, which suggests he might have been living there.

So it might have been a totally random selection? That’s as good a guess as any, I suppose. :wink:
This does seem a particularly odd choice, though; if he didn’t have some connection to the location, it’s moderately unlikely that he’d know of its existence.

Anyway, it looks as if he’d planned to die anonymously, and I respect that. I don’t know if it’s something I’d choose, but I find it somehow comforting that someone has the ability to vanish.

Why would anyone choose strychnine? Crummy way to die, much better alternatives.


The weird clue for me is that he had a return train ticket.

Is it possible something about physical activity after the surgery released the strychnine, or that he ate something without knowing it had strychnine in it? Or that he was purposely poisoned?


I definitely respect his decision to die quietly. Also not something i’d choose but that’s easy to say for me who is healthy, young, pain free, etc.

His real real name is Clym Yeobright but something went wrong with the weir.

Different moor, other end of the country.

Saddleworth Moor is most infamous as where the victims of the 1960s “Moors murders” were buried. The murders were solved but one of the bodies has still not been found.

This man would have been a similar age to the victims at the time of the murders- there has been speculation about a link.

Poisoned beer at the pub seems as plausible as suicide, no?

Come on now. No one would purposefully ruin a perfectly good beer like that.

From TFA:

In a short hearing at Heywood coroner’s court, it was confirmed that
officers had checked passenger records from a flight from Lahore in
Pakistan, which tallied with Lytton’s details.


…after detectives discovered he had travelled from Lahore, Pakistan, to the UK two days before his death.

So, still mysterious after all.

[quote=“Ministry, post:9, topic:93680”]This does seem a particularly odd choice, though; if he didn’t have some connection to the location, it’s moderately unlikely that he’d know of its existence.[/quote]Seems to me being from Pakistan, he might have randomly found “Indian’s Head” on a map and decided that was adequately significant. But perhaps that is just a coincidence.


In the fucked up UK rail system a return ticket may often cost less than a single. Why spend more when you can spend less, even if planning to die.