39 Chinese nationals found dead in UK truck, driver charged with murder

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I think he’s still being “held on suspicion of murder” - he can be held for a day before being charged or released.


I’m sure that Brexit will put an end to this./s


If by “this” you mean “the police having sufficient resources to investigate suspicious deaths”, then… maybe


Both: an increase in human trafficking (because it will take some time after Brexit before the cost of British peon labour can be reduced to that of an undocumented migrant) and reduced resources for the police to investigate when things go wrong in the process. All of which will suit the Tories just fine. NRPI/NHI as far as they’re concerned, after all.


A note about the murder charge. He’s (probably) being charged with murder because, as the driver, he’s responsible for people losing their lives in his lorry (whether or not he knew they were there, and however it happened), and not because the police think he climbed into the back and stabbed all those people individually.


Jesus Christ, how fucking horrible.


The driver was released without charges: https://www.irishpost.com/news/essex-lorry-deaths-police-raid-homes-northern-ireland-25-year-old-driver-named-172962


Weird. The BBC is saying the opposite: that the police have been granted an extra 24 hours to question him. Apparently computers have been siezed from his premises, too.

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Given the reports of his route (Via Ireland) and the container coming from Zeebrugge and the emergency services sending 5 ambulances, hazmat teams etc as soon as they were informed (in the small hours) I bet money on the driver opening the back and being confronted with the scene and calling it in.
I’d bet money on the victims being supposed to be long gone by the time he got to the container.


This story just keeps getting weirder. Presumably, whoever was trafficking these indidviduals, wanted them to get to their destination alive. But putting them in a reefer truck males it sound like a bizzare body disposal strategy. Like something out of Looper.


China is sending officials there…
I guess the goal is to get more details on these victims identities and later sue the families and relatives who stayed in mainland as they do for Muslim who migrate outside China…
No wonder HKgers don’t want this.
Evil CCP at work.

Seems he’s been charged with the 39 deaths.

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