In 1910, a group of inexperienced gold miners bet two cents that they could reach the top of Mount McKinley


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Your headline is wrong. I think you meant Mt Denali.


inexperienced gold miners

I guess we need to listen to the podcast to find out how experienced they were at climbing mountains.


It’s just Denali. No need for the “Mt.”


This may sound like an absurd bet, but adjusting for inflation that two cents was worth forty-nine cents in today’s terms.


Great, one of the forever stamps

And even better - not enough for 50 cent!



How can we combine those two? We need 50 cent, Homer, and captain Picard altogether.


image manipulation thread?


As long as we cross-post it with the master thread, natch.

I’d do it, but I have no idea how to do it…


Denali is not just a river in Egypt, or something.


YESSSSSSssssss… the farce is strong with this one.


The mountain is named Denali, but the bet was to climb Mt. McKinley!


Technically, we can blame a painter.


Isn’t that like referring to Bradley Manning in a headline?


That’s true. I understood that the Native Peoples of Alaska ALWAYS called it Denali. That being said,the people in question likely called it McKinley… The joys of sorting through the sources and figuring out proper terminology…


or another name meaning roughly the same thing.


“Who is this Fool who does Not Know what a Mountain Is”?




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