In 1963 Goodyear introduced illuminated tires

In the modern restoration, LEDs are being used in the rim as stated in this video YouTube.

All in all, I am sure they could have made the electronics work for a price. I like the idea of tires flashing, perhaps as additional turn or break indicators.additional turn or break indicators.

What would have killed it, breaking, gawking and weight. The tires weigh 7 times as much as a regular tire. See video above. It is stated each tire weighs 150 lbs (68kg).

The tires are the least bonkers part of this car. It had both a steering wheel and a joystick for steering. It also had radar assisted breaking. If you think light bulbs used a lot of juice, I’m betting that old tube magnetron required a larger alternator. See Good Year video about the Sahara II.



Tesla coils for the win.


Of course it is! About the only custom stylist who could create something like that.
Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth would have had big’n’little slicks, and a huge rat motor with 4:71 blower sticking out of the hood! :grin:


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