This '65 Corvette looks like a banana

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Just look at it.


I’m still partial to the '60 - 62. I like the softer lines and the door divets behind the front wheels.

And of course this…

Yes, indeed, just look at it!

Yellow 60


Beat me to it! By BoingBoing law and custom, you cannot mention a banana or banana-like object without the ancient phrase, “Just look at it.”


The C2 Corvettes were pretty and all, but nothing beats the early C3s in my book. Just look at it.


Yeah I had to read it twice to make sure I hadn’t missed it. @jlw is slipping!


It is clearly an EU banana, as opposed to a British banana.


“Cornering is not their strong suit”

Most muscle cars in the U.S. were designed to go straight. Turning was for cars in countries without lots of long straight boring roads.


Ick, powerglide. Jason @jlw notes they don’t handle well. I’ve never driven one, but wonder how one would characterize handling wrt other cars in 1965? (I’ve sat behind the wheel of one, however…didn’t seem to be enough legroom for me, and I’m only 1.8 metres tall…I have an acquaintance who’s a serial car collector; he has one enthusiast car at a time, selling the “toy” when he wants a change. He went from a modified GTR to a 1963 Corvette. The 'Vette didn’t last long but he never admitted it had any shortcomings :slight_smile: I recall he went to a late model Porsche next, I suppose to clear his palette.


Just look at it, but DO NOT DRIVE IT!


“Just enough lift to be a bad airplane.”

Zora Arkus-Duntov on the C2 Corvette


Came here for this. Was not disappointed.


Please indulge the short personal Corvette story. When I still lived at home (probably during college), my dad bought a 1963 split-window coupe with a 4-speed manual transmission and I think the engine was a 327 CID with a 4-barrel carb.

It needed a bit of cleaning up and he worked under the car for a few hours scraping, cleaning, and de-greasing whatever needed it. In the process, he even undid the shift linkage to clean that too. Because he wanted to test whether he’d re-attached things too tightly or too loosely, he asked me to test-drive it (he was still too grimy to want to sit in the car).

I obliged by backing it out of the garage and heading up the (pretty steep) driveway and up the street. It seemed like to me like it was reluctant to start out in 1st gear, but I hadn’t driven this particular car before and didn’t know the clutch feel. As I accelerated up the street and shifted through the gears, it wasn’t until I left 2nd gear and released the clutch in 3rd that I realized he had reversed the linkage somehow.

I had started out in what was actually 3rd, then shifted into 4th at maybe 25 MPH, then slowed suddenly as it went into what was actually 1st gear. That car had a LOT of torque.


It’s an orange!

Yeah, Opel GT was definitely MY favorite.

Was the gold chain a mandatory accessory for the C3, or was that aftermarket?


Friend had one of those. The headlights were manually operated via a handle near the driver. At an A&W one day he was a bit grumpy and really reefed on the handle to roll the lights up, just as a server was walking in front of the car. The lights slammed up, startling the server and causing her to throw her tray straight up. Good times


“But we were delayed enroute when a Stingray in front of us killed a pedestrian on Sunset Boulevard.”

same color as the old candy, banana-flavored BB-Bats

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