In case you missed, a roundup of updates on Boing Boing's new BBS forums (we killed comments)

There was big news on Boing Boing this week! Community and conversation, not just comments. We’ve just launched our new Boing Boing forums. We’re using the open-source BBS platform Discourse. Comments are, in fact, going away. Hitler’s not happy about it. Check out our community guidelines. Hitler will like those even less. BB Forums: READ THE REST

Don’t want to be pushy, but I’ll be glad when the issue of stranded ‘reserved’ accounts gets cleared up (my old ID, dragonfrog, appears to be reserved, but I’m not seeing the password reset emails - either they’re not sending properly, or I don’t know what email address they’re going to, or they’re landing in a spam trap…)

Me too. Every possible ‘gilbert wham’ that I can think of, computer says no…

Yay, figured out the reserved username issue. I was using the wrong email. As a previous poster, perhaps on another thread, said…you need to have the right email. So, when I created a new account and put in the right info, I got the activation email.

I guess I might get used to the new replacement to comments, but having used it a few times already, I’m not much impressed so far. Things like needing to set up a wordpress account in order to change my avatar.

At least your generated avatar wasn’t a swastica!


If you complain loudly (and stylishly) enough a lovely admin will contact you.

I received an email at the address I had used to create my new bbs login with.
They told me my username and the email address that had been reserved for me, that I should use to sign up with, allowing me to claim my original BoingBoing handle using the specified email address.

It is possible folks, just persevere!

Hello, world! Looks like I’ve made the transition successfully.

Make sure you’ve referred to

Please do read that first, but if you are still having trouble with reserved accounts, go ahead and PM @neil and we’ll get you fixed up.

Ok, I’ve used it and I don’t like it. As an infrequent commenter, I won’t be missed and no one will care, but here goes.

I liked having the comments on the same page as the post…I had no problem scrolling through them. I’d prefer to decide myself what posts are worth my time…surprised that BB went with a “we choose what is good for you to see” model. Yes, I can go to the separate site, opening another window…screw it. I’ll read BB as usual, but won’t likely read the comments or comment myself. Spending way less time on the BB site as a result. But that seems to be the intent…only the hardcore comment.

Overall, it’s a negative for me and will decrease BB’s importance to me, but that likely means that I’m the kind of person BB wants to see less of anyway. It’s not my site, so I don’t really matter anyway. If it results in a drop in stats, and you go back to posts on the same page, I’ll be happy.

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