In confirmation hearing, FBI chief nominee makes interesting remark on whistleblowers


“I think whistleblowers are also a critical element of a functioning democracy.” —FBI director nominee James Comey, during his confirmation hearing today. He wasn’t talking about Snowden or Manning. [WaPo] READ THE REST


I would like to hear his opinion on Snowden and Manning as whistleblowers. Instead, they avoided the giant elephant in the room…


… you know - hypothetically.


“…And I’m honored that you would consider me for the important job of hunting them down wherever the try to hide.”


“… and this is why I won’t stop until they are all put away!”


Dilma Rousseff recently said that she was proud of the protesters in Brazil. Apparently flattering people while oppressing them is the new thing.

Your protest signs are marvelous, darling! Here’s a little tear gas to show my appreciation.

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