EFF on the White House's Big Data report: what about privacy and surveillance?




Is Ford Motor Company test-marketing a new option here?

Interesting read. I read EFF's take on SEC's attempt to use the ECPA:
But now it appears that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the civil agency in charge of protecting investors and ensuring orderly markets, may be doing the same exact thing: it is trying to use ECPA to force service providers to hand over email without a warrant, in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment.

as something that might prevent the SEC's ability to gather evidence against the high-finance types that I feel are doing more than their fair share to run the US of A into a smoldering heap.
Also, I totally agree with EFF's thought on whistleblowers, and I find that the original report's linking of Snowden/Manning/Fort Hood Shooter is plain wrong.


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