Chelsea Manning gets the US Army to cough up its "insider threat" training docs

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“any family/personal issues” So literally everyone is a threat. George Orwell just hit 2500 RPM.



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[T]he US Department of Defense revealed the existence of “continuing evaluation” of 100,000 personnel on and off the job.

Depending on the level of clearance, this makes absolute sense. On the job, at least, nobody has a reasonable expectation of privacy - least of all clearance holders. Even a pinko like me thinks they should watch out for people who are about to hand over secrets to the wrong people.

The problem in Manning’s case is that the secrets were violations of the Constitution, which is way past the line between spy and whistleblower. That’s the key point the government continues to ignore.


This is like a stop-and-surveille take on stop-and-frisk. “If ya feel like it, go ahead!”

This bugs me so much because every transgender person will be looked at by these clueless idiots as a possible threat.


Programs like this exist theoretically to weed out security threats, but it’s pretty clear that the larger purpose is simply control.

On one level it’s about potentially rooting out security threats, but on a larger level it’s about not disrupting the extant power structure. “Listen, we’re still super uncomfortable with homosexuality, and heaven forbid someone should be trans…, so, even if you’re not one of those people, and are just sympathetic, it’d be in your best interest to shut the F up about it and not make us uncomfortable”.

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