The guy in charge of protecting American spies who blow the whistle on corruption just got frog-marched out of his office and suspended


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That doesn’t sound like he cheesed off his betters. It sounds like he got caught. We’ll never know, either way.


if by “just got” you mean two weeks ago…


Sure… ask people in Chicago how well self-policing of police works. The concept is fundamentally flawed, and offices like the one in this article are charades, only honeypots to catch the good guys before they can damage the institution, so we are better off without them.



This year the official DoD security training included a change to whistleblowing definitions. Last year they didn’t really discuss it. This year, they very clearly said if you do anything but go through the official chain of command to whistleblow, it can be treason, and against the federal law, with fines and jail time. They went all in on how heavy it was this year.

. . . I heard from a friend. Really. . .


Doesn’t that kind of defeat the point of whistleblowing?


You would think.


put on administrative leave, without any explanation

Wait, they can do that? Surely there needs to be some explanation?


In Trump’s America?


Sadly, I suppose “In Trump’s America?” can be used to explain just about anything, now.


Result: Future historians will have an easy time explaining our completely zonked-out zeitgeist.


Pretty sure it’s always been that way or has been for the last 5 years.


Also works as a punchline replacing “The Aristocrats!” “Trump’s America!”


Could be, but the last two years did not hit it so hard with the mandatory training. I mean, totally misgendering Chelsea Manning in their point, yes, but pushing the “only within chain of command” no. I can’t speak for other agencies training though.


Yep. That would do nicely.


In Trump’s America, whistle blows you. (Trump’s America IS the new Russia, isn’t it?)


Creative use of the ‘Russian Reversal’ meme is being horribly realized here in America.


Note it’s the People’s America.

Trump is just an official in charge of all the other officials. He does not own it, and never will.


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