What does U.S. law say about White House staffers leaking Trump dirt to the press?

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I would note that the president has previously tweeted praise for the Lawfare blog:

Though since quoted article was actually quite critical of the administration the president presumably didn’t actually read it.


errr, trump, more that most politicians, covers both ends.


Well current law allows all kinds of prosecution of whistleblowers, and the Obama DOJ was all about that. But under Trump, things are so chaotic, I wonder if they could mount a credible case.


Hennessey is a former NSA lawyer and doesn’t care much for civil liberties.

There’s an awful lot of smoke here, but it doesn’t hurt to be skeptical of spooks telling you what the truth is without evidence. The Deep State has motive to ride the wave of opposition to oust Trump.


OTOH, the Deep State leaking harmful secrets is how Watergate was uncovered.


Y’don’t need a credible case if you don’t care about the rule of law.

OTOOH a faction of the Deep State leaking stuff is how Trump got to be president in the first place.


“Until Trump can remedy his problem of credibility and faith, the truth will find a way.”


What is this Deep State? Can anybody please provide me with anything factual about it?

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OTGH, leaks are a heckuva lot easier to make than they are to prevent, plug or prosecute


It refers to the permanent bureaucracy and intelligence and military in particular that pursue policy to their own ends independent of what the elected politicians want. The term originally comes from Turkish politics, where the military has a history of broad influence that has been used to kneecap civilian governments it doesn’t like in ways up to and including coups d’etat. The term may not apply as well to American politics, though Hoover’s FBI would probably be a decent American example.


What scares me is the trumpsters will spin all this so that trump will forever be the wounded myrter, the may have been bashed and beaten and then misremembered by history but they know The Truth. Us whiney unruly ungrateful children bit the stern hand trying to correct, no to SAVE, us from our own libtard stupidity.

Even if other republicans come into power it will be seen as ‘they saved the country from your kind by a last minute gutsy move.’

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Nice list.

  • the ego leak;
  • the policy leak;
  • the animus leak;
  • the goodwill leak;
  • the trial-balloon leak;
  • and the whistleblower leak.

Also, kissingeresque. “…but at least you’re not insane…”

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So I’m calling it. Trump won’t run for re-election in 2020. (If he lasts that long, he may pull a Palin and bail out before then.) I envision a gathering in front of the 50 feet of wall he’s managed to build with a big banner (what ever happened to that "Mission Accomplished banner that Bush used?) announcing that he will not run again because he has accomplished everything he set out to do. America is great again, The economy is great. There are no more Muslims in America. I’m the best president ever. And did you see the crowds at my inauguration? .The hugest! SNL sucks and is mean and isn’t funny…
Trump was all about getting elected President. Winning. Now he hates it because actually doing the job is hard. (Not that he’s actually doing anything but pose for the camera as he signs whatever Bannon puts in front of him like a trained chimp.)


My vote is on a resignation before his term is up. I’m hoping before 6 months is up, but it could be around the 2 year mark if things calm down for a minute. He’s already completely trashed his brand. At some point, I think he’ll throw his hands up and make up some excuse, probably health related, to quit.

The quote had been used in a piece on Morning Joe shortly before Trump tweeted.


This anonymous Intel agent who says, “Trump will die in jail”, I’m not sure how to parse that. The president is immune to any and all prosecution short of impeachment, right? The Republicans aren’t going to let that happen unless and until it’s on terms they find favorable, right? The blue team really doesn’t have any say in the matter, from what I can tell here.

People who know Pence assure me we’re better off with a self-limiting flame out like Trump, than this Nemaiah Scudder wannabe. I have a hard time finding a bright side here.

Trump won’t run for re-election in 2020.

Trump filed his reelection papers right after inauguration.

In fact, he has a campaign rally near Miami this weekend (?!).

Unless he’s pulled out of the WH kicking and screaming, I don’t see a resignation in his future.

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It can refer to the unelected machinery of gov’t who have power like the IC/Military, or it can refer to Grey Aliens/Lizard People. In usage, the distinction often doesn’t matter.

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