Chelsea Manning threatened with 'indefinite solitary confinement' for expired toothpaste and asking for a lawyer

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Expired toothpaste? Now prisoners are held responsible for entropy, or is it not brushing her teeth often enough to use it all before it expired?


So, how did this information get out? And are threats of this nature common at the correctional facility in question? (And how does toothpaste expire?)

[ETA: Of course solitary confinement is horrible and the tales of Manning’s earlier torture are sufficiently harrowing. Just in case I still need to say that.]


I dunno about the other brands, but Colgate turns into crystal meth when you let it expire. Tell your grandma, it’s a household danger.


It’s impossible to be disrespectful to someone undeserving of respect in the first place.


I know it’s trite to say, “you would never hack it in prison.” But I’ve just checked my medicine cabinet, and it’s clear I’d never make it.

What a petty, petty excuse to inflict state-sanctioned torture.


We should all react immediately to this travesty. They THREATENED her with something that they had no plan to actually enforce. It sounds like they are trying to make federal military prison an un-fun and scary place instead of a friendly environment. I don’t know if I agree with their psychology, but I think I understand what is going on.

Are we seriously mining this deep into the clickbait for Chelsea Manning? She isn’t even currently sitting in solitary confinement, they only threatened her with the possibility of it.

As a survivor of military basic training, which is somewhat like prison, I can tell you that “petty” is the defining adjective for these types.

I once got a glowing commendation from my inspecting officer because I had noted down the serial numbers of all the US currency I had then in a notebook. Smartypants. The poor guy next to me never forgave, I think.

EDIT: Forgot to add that that serial number thing was a fine print rule in our HUGE book, and I just happened to notice it and note down the serials in case it mattered. But no one else saw it, so that sucked.


I wish you no injustice.


What a hero she is!

I was just thinking about the effects of solitary confinement today as we were in the military archives looking for records of my grandfather. He was interned without trial and I only recently found out held in solitary for most of the time in military prison. I did know he was moved to a prison camp in Wales and went on hunger strike. He was a broken man after it. Unrecognisable I believe. Of course I never met him as he died long before I was born.

We looked at this plaque outside the barracks.
The cost extracted by the orthodoxy is so often intolerable, and so often directed at the principled, the moral, the disinterested. It’s almost like they do it, while talking of patriotism and God and country, because their own hypocrisy is an intolerable burden on themselves.


OK now, congratulations. US jurisdiction achieved now the Stalin mode. You’ll get new bonus.


Before you poorly educated civilians continue to blatantly discuss what you perceive to be injustice, I task you with learning about the UCMJ.

All military members in the United States are sworn to uphold the Constitution and the laws of this country. However they are governed not by the laws they uphold, but a separate rule of law:The Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Manning is a traitor as defined by the UCMJ and subject to military punishment., NOT civilian law.

It may be offensive to you and yours, but this is how your military works.

No one held a gun to her head and make her swear an oath to join. She is/was a service member in a 100% voluntary capacity. Her violations of the UCMJ landed her in military prison. That is not the system you think you know.

Please take the time to educate yourself before forming opinions on subjects you are obviously not qualified to pass judgment on.

It is embarrassing to your military and veteran counterparts.

It makes us feel like we signed up to protect the interests of people unworthy of protection.

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Sounds more religious than logical. You think people questioning norms, expressing their opinions, and discussing ethical treatment of human beings makes us ‘unworthy of protection’?
That’s sick.

EDIT: I should have said ‘fanatical’ instead of ‘religious’, but I’m a grumpy atheist who was abused by catholics. My apologies.


How did she get expired toothpaste or the magazines?

I assume military prison is like “regular” prison where inmates have credit accounts with the prison store to buy sundry items and consumables. Then the prison is supplying expired toothpaste to the inmates. Same with the magazines. Drugs are easy to smuggle because they are small. Unlike Vanity Fair.

Or are inmates bringing in their own reading supplies and toiletries?


My educated opinion is that, in order to be a turnkey, whether military or civilian, you first have to be a sadist. That is all.


You wish you were so brave to have obeyed your Constitutional oath to disregard illegal orders in order to blow the whistle on war crimes.


Once you start looking past toothpastial offenses, it’s a slippery slope. Zero tolerance is really the only approach for a truly civilized society.


When expired toothpaste and Vanity Fair are outlawed, only outlaws will have expired toothpaste and Vanity fair?


What you, apparently a high and mighty military guy, seem to forget is who you voluntarily signed up to serve and protect, and ultimately who the military is accountable to.

The civilians who make up this country.

The civilians who have every fucking right to call out injustices where they see them and attempt to rectify said miscarriages of justice. To spell out the point explicitly (because this is apparently necessary), nobody is debating whether or not Chelsea Manning signed on voluntarily, or should be subject to the rules she signed up with. They’re debating whether or not those rules are just, and whether they are fair in their application. And if you don’t think the military and the UCMJ should be accountable to the civilian population of the USA, then there’s a giant fucking problem right there.


Ditto, man… We are the modern Romans. sigh