Chelsea Manning faces new charges, indefinite solitary confinement, related to suicide attempt

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These are rough, rough charges to be in for even as a non-trans individual. The system is clearly out to get you, and it’s personal.


It’s sad to be a living martyr.


I’m afraid that our historic democratic candidate is no more likely to fix this than our histrionic republican candidate


And so? Yes it is a travesty, but which world is watching? The parts of the world on the other side of the pond over here are just watching something else. Or looking away to be clear. And those in charge just know that.


An effective facist police state has gotta be a practicing facist police state. This is all routine now, Citizens. Watch and learn.


We weren’t here to talk about you, silly!

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This is one time where I feel ratting out your friend – this Adrian Lamo guy – was unconscionable. Reading the wikipedia summary his claim is that “lives were at stake in an active war zone”.

Was that claim borne out by any consequences of the documents leaked? In retrospect, were the leaks harmful, or helpful? And to who?

My read is that Manning wanted to do the right thing, felt this info was being suppressed, and was clear about that in her communications.


Chelsea has joined the ranks of political prisoners like many from the Black Power movement who are still in prison. Her situation could have a chance at improvement if the struggle for her freedom could link up with decades-old efforts to organize against the mass prison system, and in doing so gain mass.

On a completely unrelated note, how nice it would be if the support group were called Fight the Future.


Great. Manning is clearly suffering because of the solitary confinement, so the solution is to give her more of it. That way, she’ll be sure to try again, and the embarrassment to the US government will go away.

What’s the official reason for the solitary confinement, anyway? She’s not an obvious danger to anyone else, and as far as I know she doesn’t have any secrets to divulge any more, so is it just spite?


Lamo was a complete and utter dickhead and anyone working with him or giving him the benefit of the doubt since then is a complete and utter scumbag.


“Solitary confinement is banned under Common Article Three of the Geneva Conventions as it amounts to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Manfred Nowak who is the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture addressed his concerns about detainees being held in solitary confinement in October of 2008 where he commented that it was ‘deplorable’ that individuals were held under those conditions7.”


This was mentioned elsewhere, so I’m just going to repeat my comment:

Dammit, things, this is why we can’t have nice people.


Those are some seriously nonsensical charges. But it’s the military so if they want to make stuff up, they will because they aren’t subject to the laws of their country.
In spite of those laws saying otherwise. Repeatedly.


I went through about a year on inconsistent hormone therapy after I transitioned, because I couldn’t always afford them. A year and a half of unemployment followed by a year and a half of Walmart employment, which isn’t much different than unemployment. Anyway, I was a wreck emotionally from going on and off hormones all the time. I was depressed and hopeless (some of that may have been from working at Walmart, but I digress). I can’t imagine going through that while imprisoned in a male prison and being subjected to solitary confinement (well, I can imagine it … I spent 2 days in county jail, which was nothing compared to this, but it gives fuel to my imagination). It’s inhumane, and it’s torture. I suspect her jailers think she deserves it.


I get it, an individual is depressed, so the GOV will help them by making them more depressed. GOT IT!

Is there no sanity left in our world?


I’m sure there’s a bit left. But don’t worry, keep throwing people into solitary confinement, and it’ll take care of that.

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Make sure you remember that while the event that precipitated Manning’s defection happened while Shrub was president, her arrest, trial, and especially imprisonment/torture, all happened under Obama’s watch.

Subsequent extrajudicial murders carried out by US drones, which were based on as much information (and wise counsel) as the Collateral Murderers had at their disposal, all happen under Obama, and I fully expect to continue whether under Trump or Clinton.

Of course, under the well-established semel adepti virtutem legal doctrine, it’s all good, eh.


Just put her on 1200mg lithium and 300mg clozapine, I’m sure she’ll be fine.

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Prisoner with a 35 year sentence and possible mental illness attempts suicide.
Lets torture her as a punishment.
Only in America.