Chelsea Manning on hunger strike, demanding treatment for gender dysphoria


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This won’t end well. The gloves are off for this filthy traitor. Why isn’t she in Abu Ghraib - that’s kind of lazy.


Your spell check seems to have confused “patriot” with “filthy traitor.” Manning is no traitor.


Your irony/snark detector is malfunctioning.

@FFabian is constitutionally incapable of approving of actions by the US government, so their post at the top of the thread must be understood as viewed through that lens.


That stipulation against pseudo-medical means is all the more horrifying for its necessity. We can be quite confident that some of her captors would derive a great deal of vicious, vindictive pleasure from inflicting a great number of so-called “rectal feelings” upon Ms. Manning’s person.


I made the mistake of reading the comments on this story on a more mainstream media website. They are basically indistinguishable from FFabian’s satiric comment above. What’s really ironic is these same idiots who think Chelsea Manning should burn in hell are also eating up everything Julian Assange is spewing out about Clinton, and Assange would largely be unknown if not for Manning. This whole situation is tragic. Manning is clearly just a pawn in this whole thing. At worst, she should have received a dishonorable discharge and been sent on her way. That she is even in prison at all is disgusting. The way she is being treated in prison is criminal.


If informing the public about the costs of the war, and about the collateral murders which occur in each war, and about contractors’ involvement in child sex slavery, is treason, then we need more traitors.


A goddamn American hero. She has shown a courage and resolve I doubt I ever could.


Everything about the US Government’s treatment of Manning is shameful. Her 35 year sentence is just one of the incredible over-reaches by the government. Meanwhile, Gen. David Petraeus plead guilty to misdemeanor charge of “mishandling classified material” for handing over classified info to his mistress, for which he got no jail time whatsoever.

We need to stop letting those at the top escape accountability and to stop letting them scapegoat people at the bottom.


The treatment of Chelsea Manning is grotesque, abominable, and barbaric. It is unworthy of a country with any pretense on civilization.


Well, you know what they say…


Just in time to see Manning released. (If all else fails.)


Chelsea is very unlikely to survive that long. If she doesn’t get a parting pardon from Obama, she’s toast.

Given the way things are going, I fear that she won’t even last long enough for that.


I also think she is at absolute worst a pawn, a victim with precious little to protect her, and at best a hero.

I sincerely hope that asshole who ratted her out suffers a karmic retribution one day.

I wish I could be more optimistic but I do not see this situation ending well.


Oh don’t get me wrong, I completely agree that if she doesn’t get a pardon or commutation soon the outlook is grim. My comment was largely facetious.


Without substantial reforms, the United States isn’t likely to last very long. It’s hard for the government to claim legitimacy based on the consent of the governed, or based on the constitution, with its Stasi and its wars on false pretexts. With substantial reforms, she and Snowden would be pardoned.


I hope a miracle happens for her before then.


So do I.

I worry about how long her hunger strike will be allowed to go on for. I can’t help thinking of Bobby Sands and his hunger strike.

Please don’t let it get that far, and I hope that she isn’t force fed instead, because that’s no solution.


Force feeding is almost certainly the most likely outcome here, I suspect.

Considering the oft-reported deplorable state of the US prison system, I would think it vanishingly rare for prisoners to receive treatment for gender dysphoria, or even a host of much more serious physical and/or mental maladies.


We had an inmate here in GA bring a case against the state for her treatment, including her being thrown into a mans prison, where she experienced multiple rapes and physical abuse.

They put her on parole and she has since reached a settlement with the state…