Chelsea Manning ends hunger strike, following government promise of treatment for gender dysphoria

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Well, that is a surprisingly pleasant outcome.

I am starting to wonder just how much of any of this news of Manning is trustworthy, though. Wouldn’t it be all too easy for the people involved to supply anything they wanted in “a statement to her attorneys” ? They don’t seem like the sort who are particularly worried about doing something illegal.


Good to hear that Ms. Manning is on the mend, sending positive thoughts her way.


Yay! I was skeptical the government would budge even an inch here, so let me express my happiness that I was wrong!


I’m very relieved that she will be getting the treatment she’s been cruelly denied. Now I would like to see her captors in prison or the ground.

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I’m very not okay with torturing and slowly breaking a person for life because they embarrassed a corrupt institution. Call me radical.

Besides, I think we hit the top floor a long time ago when it became okay to abuse prisoners until they died or tried to die.

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