Chelsea Manning cut off from contact with lawyers after medical emergency

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Dammit, there’s just no constructive comment to write here. A political class loaded with actual war criminals, while the whistleblowers rot in jail or exile. Not the slightest hint of justice on the horizon.

I could write something glib about organising a jailbreak, but we all know that ain’t never gonna happen.

I’m sorry, Chelsea.


Is there any context that would indicate suicide?

An unconfirmed tweet from CNN.

(linking this second-hand story instead of the tweet because y’all do not want to read the comments on that tweet. Seriously.)


Well I’m sure they investigated that thoroughly and would never serve as a mouthpiece for the military.


They’re awful on that article too. WTF is wrong with people? :cry:


Oh yeah, in case you forgot to notice, people are known to disappear in America.

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Not that the comments section in that story is much better. :angry:

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My positive thoughts are with her in this hour of need. Be well hero and we will never forget your sacrifice to our Nation.


Can POTUS pardon Chelsea Manning?


Yes, although apparently the request is supposed to go via the military hierarchy.

Will he? Almost certainly not.

Will Chelsea survive until the election [1]? Nobody knows.

[1] Not expecting a pardon from Clinton, but political cowardice usually sees controversial pardons done as the final act of a departing President.


Yes, and let’s get some smart person on BB to start that petition this instant.

PS. I’m not that smart person. But it’s a great idea.


I wonder if @xeni knows about a pending effort that people could learn more about?



I suppose by Friday morning, as the article says, Chelsea’s swollen lips will have subsided so she can speak to her lawyers without raising suspicions. They’ll let them see her once the welts and black eyes are gone… What?! She fell down da stairs! Fahgettaboutit.

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Yes please

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I want to see heads literally (literally) roll for this. This nation has become a crime against humanity, the depravity of such will probably never be properly accounted for. I am sorry Chelsea that we have not fixed this, and that you suffered and are suffering so much for the cowardice of many. I hope you see justice done.


A 35 year prison sentence with, possibly. unfriendly guards?

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Definitely unfriendly. Some people, knowing their sentence was unjust and could be overturned one day, would keep fighting the good fight. Manning seems like that type.

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