An update on Chelsea Manning's health, from her legal team


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If there were justice in this world, a certain politician who allowed classified state department emails to end up in the hands of Russian and Chinese hackers would be the one in jail under the espionage act rather than principled whistleblowers.


How awful. Poor Chelsea. No one should have to go through what she is.


And yet of the two choices being presented she’s still the best option. And if Manning were free she wouldn’t be allowed to go pee in some states. Doesn’t all of this make you despair for western civilization? It should.



Or Petraeus.

Two cases:

  1. Disclosing evidence of US war crimes, motivated by whistleblowing.
  2. Disclosing high-level strategic intelligence, motivated by getting a blowjob.

Guess which one goes to jail, and which one goes on the talk show circuit?


I didn’t create the situation. That’d be the American left’s fault for being asleep for forty years.


I wasn’t disagreeing with you. Sometimes, it is important to vote for the crook.


Ah. The Internet is a pretty shitty communication medium.


If Manning commits suicide, it’s a victory for the FBI.


And if they succeed in keeping her alive and torturing her for the next 30+ years, that’s also a victory for the FBI. They don’t like to lose.


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