Statement from Chelsea Manning's lawyers on her emergency hospitalization

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The art of saying nothing with many words. Disturbing even though it’s come from somebody presumably on Chelsea’s side.

Gee, I wonder what completely unjustified things our government is doing that might drive her to suicide?

Oh, yeah, it starts with imprisoning somebody for doing the right thing and just goes downhill from there. That’s right.


Whatever the truth, I just hope Chelsea knows how many people admire her and hope her the best.


On the contrary, the fact that her patient confidentiality is being respected and upheld by the hospital and her legal team is a strong indication that they’re squarely on her side. Any press release respecting this same principle is going to inevitably say a whole lot of nothing, as it should.


Compared to The Internet, The American System is a deprecated standard of Freedom. It’s more than tragic how the old champion of liberty has imperiously hounded and abused the best examplars of the new Freedom. Swartz. Manning. Snowden.

This is very sad in an already super sad week.


Yeah, what are we supposed to take away from that…because it looks a lot like “Delivering bad news about real events or even trying to free information the citizens paid for will be punished and made an example of” to me.

I don’t want the country I’m in run that way. That’s not competent and it leads to bad information that’s can be pointless or dangerous to act on. We’ve already seen the damage that men in power that are thinks the rules don’t apply to them can do. It’s never a good thing.

I never voted for that. How do we make that illegal?


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