Chelsea Manning has surfaced and is OK


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Chelsea Manning is missing

That’s American justice.


I guess this is about the best news we can hope for, short of a prison break or pardon that they forgot to let everybody know about.


Impossible. That would be a violation of her rights.


Is this for the suicide attempt? I thought that it wasn’t supposed to take place until she had her appeal ruled upon.


…for certain values of ‘OK’…


First, whew. Second, how is it OK to not notify her council that she’s going into solitary. Third, this feels too much like she’s being extrajudicially punished on top of her judicial confinement.

Obama, free Chelsea Manning.


I called it. She served her time, stupid as it was. Glad to hear she is OK, as far as one can be in her situation.


Careful, you sound a bit like Drumpf there.


Thank God she’s OK, and fuck those guys, seriously.


When I get elected, I’m appointing a special prosecutor to investigate you for that comment.


i’m so glad she is okay, okay in this case being a relative term meaning still alive.
i hope someday soon it is okay as in free.


It’s an administrative punishment, so it may not be “extrajudicial” in the sense you mean. There might be no legal obligation to hold off until her appeal was ruled on. You can’t delay getting thrown in the hole in a civilian prison by filing papers, so I really doubt you can do it in Fort Leavenworth.

I think the signal being sent was “We can punish your family and friends too. Imagine the anguish they’ll feel not knowing where you are, or if you’re even alive or dead.”

Kind of like taking hostages.


And I am happy to be wrong.

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